Employer Documentation Kit



Helping to ease the burden of employee related paperwork

As you may already be aware changes to the Employment Relations Act 2000 and the Holidays Act 2003 were passed by Parliament in November 2010. Changes concerning Employee Documentation requirements became effective on 1 July 2011.

Those changes mean stricter requirements in regards to Employee Personal Files. To assist you with this, we have developed an Employer Documentation Kit. The Kit provides essential documentation to help you maintain sound record-keeping systems on employment matters and includes fundamental checklists, forms and letters (covering recruitment, induction, trial & probation, remuneration, training & career development, performance management, leave & sick leave, resignation & termination). Please be aware that the Kit does not include employment agreements, contracts or appraisal systems and it’s not a comprehensive legal guide. This is because there’s no one size fits all when it comes to contracts. Additionally, the Kit doesn’t replace specialist employment advice from your legal advisors on a case by case basis.

Click here to view the full list of documents included in the Employer Documentation Kit. To acquire or discuss our Employer Documentation Kit ($397 incl. GST) with us, contact us today. Please note, the Kit is supplied on CD.

If you want help with individual Employment Agreements, you can use the Employment Agreement builder on the Department of Labour website.

Alternatively you can use a specialist provider, such as one of those listed below: