Accounting North’s One Page Business Plan Service

Is It Time To Give Your Business A Kick Start?

Spend a day with one of our Directors at an off-site fully-catered facility to formulate a One-Page Business Plan. Whatever business you have and no matter how complicated your business ventures are, we’re more than capable of providing you with smart and effective business plans and assist you with your current business planning.

At the end of the planning day you will have:

  1. Brought focus to your business to drive results and success
  2. Identified areas to capitalize on
  3. Discovered what your business means to you and your clients/customers
  4. Considered your “why” and set your core competences, core values and purpose
  5. Conducted a SWOT analysis (your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
  6. Set your BHAG® (your Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
  7. Set Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets and determine how to monitor them
  8. Set your projects in your 90-day action plan.


You and your team will also benefit by:

  1. Setting themes and celebrations to get your plan implemented
  2. Keeping everyone motivated and engaged
  3. Providing direction for all
  4. Developing a system to make everyone accountable everyday

At Accounting North, our team of Auckland business consultants will help you formulate a one-page business plan that will guide your business in the right direction. We won’t just help your business drive results, we’ll also help you identify and capitalize on potential growth areas – this includes both your business processes and the people working hard to keep the gears turning.

Our business consultants in Auckland will also help you conduct complete analyses of your business’ strengths, weakness, potential opportunities and threats, as well as integrate all your projects in a competent 90-day action plan.

Let Accounting North help you design and create a system with the goal of developing your business further, and make it more competitive in the national market. Learn more about how we can help you today!


The One Page Business Plan has been of exceptional value to us. It has the key personnel `on the same page’ aiming for the same goals. And after presenting it to the full team at CPS, we have total buy in. The team is focused and motivated, and everyone knows the part they play in our plan. Putting the plan into practice has increased turn-over significantly. I would highly recommend this one day of focused planning if you want to grow your business. Kirsty Russell, CPS (NZ) Limited

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