We have two construction companies. Platinum Pacific Homes, building new homes and doing house alterations and Platinum Pacific Reclad, repairing and recladding leaky buildings. Accounting North took over the year-end 2009 work from our previous accountants, after I met Kevin Covacich at The Business Hub.We have a holding Company and a Trust and they look after that too. Since he took over he has worked out projected earnings to support a bank loan.They’ve been punctual, there’s been good information flow, they’ve been timely and they’ve kept us in the loop.

They’re nice people to deal with. They seem to have personalities, whereas a lot of accountants don’t.

Marty Bamford, Platinum Pacific Homes

I’m a self-employed X-ray engineer. I sell, install and maintain diagnostic x-ray equipment for A&E clinics, chiropractors, vets and small hospitals.I’ve been running my own business for 12-13 years and Kevin has been my accountant all that time. Margaret is very helpful and on the ball. If I’ve got a query a phone call seems to solve it.I was recommended to Accounting North by a family member. Although I’m on the other side of town from them, it doesn’t bother me.Of course, I also recommend them to other small business and self-employed people.

John Cox, Medical X-ray Ltd

Crown Badges & Engravers was established in 1973. June and I purchased the business in 1988.“For almost 22 years we have developed the business to now be one of the leading badge making and engraving businesses in the country. We also supply fridge magnets, door signs, plaques, trophies, photo ID’s and canvasses printed from supplied photos.We have completely computerised the manufacturing process and three of our start-of-the-art digital printers were the first of their kind in the country and two are still the only ones operating in NZ.In 2002 we attended a seminar at which Kevin was one of the key speakers. At the time we were not happy with our then accountant who we felt did not communicate adequately and we were convinced our tax assessments could be more astutely assessed.

We approached Kevin who gave us a fairly lengthy interview and we decided to allow Accounting North to complete our end of year figures. Kevin attended to our books and obtained a substantial tax refund for us in the first year and in his words ‘created a lean mean tax regime’! His fee was marginally less than we had previously paid.

We then sat down, and for the first time I had someone work out a tax plan with me for the ensuing year. Previously it was hit-and-miss if we had a refund or on a couple of occasions a substantial tax bill to pay. I now contact Kevin two or three times a year as a trend in our business develops and we regularly `tweak’ our payments to ensure of end-of-year is positive as far as tax goes with no big surprises.

With Kevin’s help we have seen growth almost every year – up to 40% on occasion.

I have found that Kevin always responds to requests for help. He has never charged for additional interviews or phone time. My previous accountant would send me an account for even a five-minute phone conversation! Kevin always replies promptly for ‘phone back’ requests.

My business is very small – there are only four of us – and I have no educational claims, apart from School Cert many years ago and I have found Kevin excellent in assisting me as a largely under-educated small business owner. There are many people in a similar position and I would recommend Accounting North as an excellent Accounting firm

Don Bycroft, Crown Badges & Engravers