We regularly talk about business plansGoals being important, they are the map or strategy of how the business will achieve certain goals. Therefore it is critical to set the target so the plan meets the end needs.

Businesses goals and objectives are a critical part of ensuring success principally in the current competitive environment we currently operate in.

Goals, like a business plan can change. But there is always a point where you can quantify how successful you have been as the goal at some phase, has an end point.

So what should your goals look like? They should look SMART!!

A SMART goal is:

  • Specific, Succinct and Simple
  • Measurable – can you tell when you have achieved it
  • Achievable – but not to easily
  • Relevant – to your business
  • Timely – set specific dates to achieve by.

If you can establish business goals along the above concepts you will be well on the way to ensuring success. Always remember however, continue to reset goals once you have achieved, this will help to lift the performance of your business.

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