Get Smart: Your business depends on it

If you haven’t already????????????????????, it may be a good time to look at using smartphones within your business.  Even if your employees don’t require their own business mobiles, smartphone devices can prove invaluable when it comes to productivity within your company.

Smart devices have multimedia capabilities allowing you to access an enormous amount of information anytime, anywhere.  This can be beneficial when it comes to educating and training staff, be it motivational video clips, informal webinars or resources relevant to their roles.  It can be a huge benefit to your team to have this information on hand.

Smartphones eliminate ‘downtime’ and give your staff the ability to work and conduct research when they are away from the office, in between meetings or travelling abroad.  Smart devices also allow for voice recordings, access to calendars, audio books and podcasts, meaning you and your team can stay connected and really utilise your time and resources wisely.

Here are some things to take into consideration when assessing whether smart devices are suitable for your team:

The plan - You need to do some research here.  Who is the best provider?  There are a number of competitors in the market with a variety of business plans available.  Sit down with a sales representative from each of the leading telecommunication providers and tell them what your business does, how many staff you have and what your needs are.  They will assess which is the best plan for you and let you know some pricing, data and call options that will best suit your firm.  You’ll want a provider who is available 24 hours a day should you run into any technical difficulties.

The rules - Establish the usage rules early on with employees so they don’t take advantage or abuse their rights with smartphones.  The last thing you want is wasted time on personal social media sites when your team should be productively using that time for work.

The phone - There are a few elements to consider when choosing the best device for your business.

  1. Battery life – Smartphones have a lot going on inside their tiny little shells, so in turn, their battery life takes a hammering.  If you’re travelling a lot for business, you need a reliable battery life.
  2. Screen – How big is the screen?  It’s easier to read information on a bigger screen and the bigger the phone, the more it tends to do.  Remember to take into account the clarity of images and video playback.
  3. Camera – Do you need a good camera?  Are your employees taking and sharing this sort of information with clients?  If so, ensure you check out the megapixel count.  The higher the megapixel, the better the quality.

Take the time to consider whether smartphones are right for your business.  They can aid the increase of productivity, minimise downtime and grow the knowledge base within your team.

Do the research and speak to the professionals to decide which plan and phone are right for you.

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